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The Laughing Isles

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The_Laughing_Isles_v1.95d_with_RTP.exe (300 MB)
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The_Laughing_Isles_v1.95d.exe (114 MB)
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A mysterious girl appears amidst a world at war; a legendary Figment. Even more mysterious are the ways she must combat the monster girls roaming the lands - through fingers, feathers and tickling. It is unknown why all this is, but her existence shall bring a new future to the world. But, will that future be peaceful, or utter destruction.
--RPG Maker Ace RTP Required--
भाषा: English  
खबरे: 2
Another mini update, making the game 1.95c. -Disappearing Figments should be a thing of the past. -Certain character face sets have been correctly setup during their dialogue -Sparing ghosts should look a little less weird when the Figment walks away (maybe).
The Laughing Isles
The Laughing Isles
The Laughing Isles
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randoguy21 (स्तर 1) 2021-04-29
Hello hope all is well with you. Do you know when the rest of the game is coming out. thanks and have a nice day
Gabriel (स्तर 3) 2018-12-18
I'm stuck at Lockstockd Tickles and I can't get to the barracks even though I beat the oni at Sandy Smiles... Help?
Aragorn (स्तर 3) 2017-08-01
Gonna try this when i can!
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