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An out of work layabout, Alfred Walsh, thinks he has found a cushy job as the custodian of a library. He has no idea how wrong he could have been. When otherworldly forces intrude he is forced to abandon his career path: the casual dusting off of books between well-earned naps, and is thrust into a battle to save the very heart & soul of what makes humanity what it is. ENG-ITA
भाषा: English  
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CTGH (Level 10) 2019-02-11
Ottimo lavoro!!
Jonathan Fish (Level 16) 2016-08-16
no news about it ?
Marius (Level 14) 2015-01-13
An idea so stupid that i (and you) can\'t ignore it : ... and during Alfred Walsh\'s speech he says \"Oh! It reminds me my grandfather Donald, he was a ghostbuster !\".
Yes, i know. He\'s a Dowell, but he can be the mother\'s father !
It\'s a big idea !
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