Survival Border Survival Border
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Pc white डाउनलोड करें External link!b6wigKLb!YuNaaawGFWF1JlFSwh6rTr9zskTh9cgt5yPLqN0nguQ

Pc white डाउनलोड करें External link!b6wigKLb!YuNaaawGFWF1JlFSwh6rTr9zskTh9cgt5yPLqN0nguQ


स्वरूपण मदद 380
franco999 (1828 Gems) 2019-09-18


FullTris (174 Gems) 2019-09-15


DANILO MUMMOLO Profile (1745 Gems) 2019-07-23

nice game compliments

Zappingol (22 Gems) 2019-05-21

Hello my friends, I see that the video that I uploaded to my YouTube channel has been created because everyone asks me how to play this game ?? How to create the account? This is my channel

Prodygy (31 Gems) 2019-05-21

@Ninedvr Hello, good job, can you tell me how to create an account to play? or we have to wait for an open beta, I see that it is a demo? Thank you

FreylerHD (10 Gems) 2019-05-15

buenas como creo la cuenta para poder jugarlo

KrinoxFX (16 Gems) 2019-05-14

When I open the laucher and put the account and password you see a circle loading and some letters but then they are removed and the login button is highlighted again in yellow and never lets me enter the game no matter how hard you try it. what happens this?

Reofloor (1627 Gems) 2019-05-05

can you improve the description of the game? You just putted srvival, shooter. it has no sense. what are the features of this game?

Best IndieGames (4845 Gems) 2019-05-05

This game is in the video about the 4 Best FREE Games of April 2019

TenTen92 (1014 Gems) 2019-04-16

an huge project. good luck

Lev_Arris Profile (519 Gems) 2019-04-08

Brilliant trailer

Amir (4031 Gems) 2019-04-03

only chinese= can you inprove the description? an #FPS ?

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