Sugar Rush Sprinter

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को प्रकाशित: 06/11/2016
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Original release: 17/06/2015
Helps Vanellope Von Schweetz to win the race by walking the runway sweet game, this game is a vertical 2D version of the sugar rush, it contains 2 game modes, the grand prix mode and arcade mode.
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ESP: Corrección en la disponibidad de sistema operativo, me había confundido con el icono actual de Windows, que resulta que aquí está clasificado como Windows Phone. ENG: Correction in the availability of operating systems, I had confused with the current Windows icon, it turns out that here is classified as Windows Phone.
Sugar Rush Sprinter
Sugar Rush Sprinter
Sugar Rush Sprinter
Sugar Rush Sprinter
Sugar Rush Sprinter
Sugar Rush Sprinter
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Staff सत्यापित (Level 14) 2017-01-08
Please, don't add fake news/updates or we will forced to remove your games.
CapZero88 (Level 12) 2016-11-08
nice game :D you can improve it also with other characters ! :D
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