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Sudden Ice Age

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Mouse only. Click button on the right to chop some woods or to return to warm home. Buy upgrades and prepare for the Ice Age! I made this small game for Stencyl jam 17 in only few days. There is no much content because of that. Hope you like it anyways :-)

-red bar is player's body temperature, yellow is house temp, and blue is outside temperature that keeps dropping -upgrades

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Sudden Ice Age
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Karma (Level 13) 2017-01-04

it doesn't work...

domagojbulat (Level 4) 2016-12-28

...-upgrades improve fireplace temperature, player and home insulation, speed and power of chopping, trees higth, width and growth speed. The one upgrade with gold and wood makes you sell your wood more often and from 3rd upgrade even for bigger price.

Try to finish the game without freezing!

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