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In this steampunk-theme game you have to build your city and attack other players with flying ships: The city have two differents altitudes. It's can be advantageous or not. Ship features can be increased by Headquarters or Alliance. Alliance can increase some abilities to all members. Through the Intelligence Agency you can train your spies in several schools.
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gems) 2016-08-16

no news about this game ?

Marius (4175 Gems) 2014-05-18

Young project. <br />You can improve it with more features and could then replace objects (houses, elements, etc..) with 3D objects... <br />is your first browser game?

xeryan (434 Gems) 2014-05-15

Bel gioco, con tutte le caratterische che ti aspetteresti e con un ottimo inizio di utenti per un nuovo gioco di questo tipo! Promosso!

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