Play Slenderman - Wrong Place

Slenderman - Wrong Place

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This game has 2 endings, Good Ending and Bad Ending.You work with some of the finest minds on the planet dealing with the strange and unusual, when suddenly power goes out and you find yourself locked in a room. With no power or any hope of help, it's up to you to escape. But can you do it alone? Press 'Enter' to interact with items, collect notes to help you in the game.
भाषा: English  
Slenderman - Wrong Place
Slenderman - Wrong Place
Slenderman - Wrong Place
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hitman47_mn (Level 4) 2020-01-05
Good Work
cradth (Level 11) 2019-06-08
Now it's the legendary slenderman, well done. Also, you make games like a gatling gun, that's crazy, man!
kalindor (Level 11) 2018-01-08
good game. Did you see the next movie about slenderman?
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