Silent Memories P.T

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This is a fan-made remake and due to engine limitations some things might be different from the original project. Silent Memories P.T let's you relive the nightmare originaly created by Hideo Kojima. Will you be able to escape once again?
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WARNING: Want to be part of the game? We are looking for translators! Our goal is to bring PT to as much people we can. We need a Japanese/French/Spanish translator
Silent Memories P.T
Silent Memories P.T
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Buzzarello (Level 4) 2020-03-13
Hey, it's exactly same the Silent Memories from TwoD Studio, then why have a couple same games? I didn't understand why it... I was expecting some in pixelated in first person based on the Silent Memories RPG Maker. hahahahaha Okay, alright I shall input in my description both. Is here has some unlike stuffs? I'm confuse now. hahahahaha
Buzzarello (Level 4) 2020-03-13
If you want I translate for you from english to brazilian portuguese I could to do it. I just will record, watch my videos and I writing the talks and notes to portuguese and I would send you the text translated to pt-Br. :D
Buzzarello (Level 4) 2020-03-13
Man, I tried and the Silent Memories P.T. in RPG Maker from TwoD Studio is really good. It is actually loyal to real Silent Hills P.T. And now I will try it. If this one runs into my laptop, I will record both. So I would like bring to you my videos. May I? Well, I ask to apologize to my own because I am brazilian guy and I will make a video in portuguese then.
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