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gamefive सत्यापित (स्तर 16) 2020-07-16
The game is too hard. It's hard to tell the difference between green and blue. I'd like to change the color and fix the attack on the enemy a little bit.
MagicOz (स्तर 10) 2017-07-31
The difficulty grows up very quickly...too quickly! It can be nice also to play this game using two players!
jhonatantp (स्तर 4) 2017-06-19
legalzinho rsrsr parabe
Amir (स्तर 13) 2017-04-13
It is too hard Drive: add bonus or malus.
Karma (स्तर 13) 2017-03-03
Nice game! Even if the difficulty grows up very fastly! So you should make a platform game with those sprites! They are so cute! Nice style!
Zion (स्तर 12) 2017-02-07
can you add also bonus? like extra life...
Eugor (स्तर 15) 2017-01-28
you're in the slide show! The first. lucky guy!I discovered it today... it's very funny!
Step (स्तर 9) 2017-01-08
Wtf.... You are the same author of tiki taka... But this game is totally different!! Here you used an amazing pixel art... And a very good design! This is funny and with a cool style! I hope to see more games like this made by you...!
Crazy Player GM (स्तर 8) 2017-01-06
my record: 210
Mosul (स्तर 8) 2016-12-16
oh! Very funny! Great work! I follow and I hope to see new games made by you! (there was a contest about the game-boy-games-style... but now it's ended.... it's late to joind D: )
Zexon (स्तर 3) 2016-12-12
GInTheShell94 (स्तर 8) 2016-12-12
So nice!
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