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Shoot em Up


What's this? Why's everything in monochrome? Why is everything so blocky and pixelated?
It's time to pay a small homage to the ancient technology of yesteryear! Back to good ol'-fashioned 8-bit graphics and SFX! A submisison for Ludum Dare 36.
NOTE: This game can be played on mobile as well! More details can be found at the website! #LDJAM
भाषा: English  
Retro Player
Retro Player
Retro Player
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ronnye (Level 15) 2021-07-23
are you continuing it?
gamefive सत्यापित (Level 16) 2019-06-29
It's an experimental game. It was fun.
iamhere (Level 13) 2016-12-02
what'are the controlls ?! D: I can't play it... she doesn't move...
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