स्वरूपण मदद 380
indiexpo Addons (3183 Gems) 2017-11-29
cema12 (1031 Gems) 2016-09-22

Are you sure about the background?

Castor (640 Gems) 2016-09-15

Nice! But only a tip: study the colors in the games. There are several books about it. The colors user are ... low.. sad. For a game like this you should use brilliant colors ! See candy crash s. !

MyTrain (1121 Gems) 2016-08-21

I don't understand very well how it works...

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gems) 2016-08-13

it's a good start... but it should be improved. the ux is not so clear ... only reading the comments i know how to select the different modes. I follow !

Marius (4195 Gems) 2016-07-21

News ? because after the game online worked good... but now when i click on Play Me there're several errors and i can't play it ...

Jack (858 Gems) 2016-07-19

the ux is not so clear. i have to read this comments to undestand how it works...

Malian (1106 Gems) 2016-07-15

very nice ! I'm download also the apk on my samsung :D

Nium (1380 Gems) 2016-07-14

nice ! but you should start the first level with a small board... and then... level by level... the board grows up :D like Minesweeper. It's a logic that works since 1960 XD

The Crazy (1198 Gems) 2016-07-14

4,180 ... is good ? So... the tutorial in the first part is very long and it's not so clear. I undestand the game playing it. It's easy and funny... but can be slow... and this can trasform your game in a boring game...

fats (2932 Gems) 2016-07-14

I like it :D

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