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ThePresident (Level 9) 2020-11-04
Played during Halloween!
Coopa (Level 10) 2020-08-20
pixel art + 3d. Perfect mix. I don't undestand the plot. Is it a missing girl? a nightmare? nothing?
Gatsu87 (Level 14) 2020-07-24
Is it linked with Discomfort? I noted several references, but I don't know if it's right
BBads (Level 11) 2020-07-16
#creepypasta at 100%
JawsOP (Level 10) 2020-07-12
You have to make a crossover with whiteface!!!!
where_is_love (Level 10) 2020-07-10
I live this pixel art in 3d!
RockMith (Level 9) 2020-07-06
One question || is there a way to kill the monster using the knife? ||
Best IndieGames (Level 17) 2020-07-05
This game is in the video about the Top 3 BEST NEW Indie Games of June 2020

YouTube Gameplay
Karl (Level 6) 2020-07-04
very good horror, even if too short :(
Refined Calm (Level 3) 2020-06-23
my first horror let's play, and it gave my anxiety a run for it's money!

YouTube Gameplay
Zachurrate (Level 6) 2020-06-16

YouTube Gameplay
Fellowplayer (Level 23) 2020-06-16
Nothing quite like this game from you, always a pleasure for #HPS1Jam.
YouTuber: Fellowplayer -
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