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Game is playable from beginning to end. I consider it complete and don't expect to make any more changes and/or additions to it unless of course there is an error, mistake, oversight. Regarding the uploaded artwork, credit goes to hedgehogblanket (for the character with the sword and the island scene) and Jaimy De Vries (for the desk with books) who can be reached on Discord.
भाषा: English  
खबरे: 1
Current Ver. 1.0.3
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Stre93 (Level 12) 2021-11-25
it is made with MV. Can I play it online? can you make it playable online, please?
Gale (Level 5) 2021-09-06
it is a good start. bery similar to other rpg maker games. you have to find the right way to customize it
Marco Sacchetti (Level 13) 2021-08-09
classic RPG game made using rpgmaker but with very good artwork
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