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Coopa (स्तर 10) 2020-08-20
you find the right title for the right game!
DANILO MUMMOLO (स्तर 10) 2019-07-27
very good
Fellowplayer (स्तर 23) 2018-01-04
How is this game coming along? Been a while since I last played it.
indiexpo Addons (स्तर 13) 2017-11-29
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Heromerom (स्तर 12) 2017-02-13
Congratulations! You have a great game. Keep doing it and good luck!
Zion (स्तर 12) 2016-12-21
One of the best game I play in this jam ! Full of idea, awesome graph and little details, really joyfull and in the last version, nearly 0 bug !
CapZero88 (स्तर 12) 2016-12-18
hahahahahahah! This game is amazing!
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