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Project: Innocence

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A servants life is supposed to be a happy one, serving a master, making new friends, and making memories, but not all things are created equal. Take control of Francis and Hannah, two servants looking to meet a new master as they hope to impress them. All demo builds contain documentation for your convince.
भाषा: English  
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Hi everyone. I will be adding another build later on, but for those who wish to see the upcoming build for this game, check out the new website for this game:
Project: Innocence
Project: Innocence
Project: Innocence
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TenTen92 (स्तर 10) 2019-04-16
too many rtp resources. change your assets
Luis (स्तर 17) 2018-04-02
It's a classic RPG maker game. Try to add something of new!
Fellowplayer (स्तर 23) 2018-03-28
Is this the complete game? No software needed?
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