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RockMith (1072 Gems) 2018-12-15

great work with the pixel art! Cute character and nice platform design!

cutiesbae (649 Gems) 2018-02-27

Very nice game!

lucyinthespace (834 Gems) 2018-02-10

great platform! An amazing work! so cute and so clear. an amazing combination

Best IndieGames (4189 Gems) 2018-02-10

This game is in the video about the Top 5 Best Indie Games of January 2018


LOL Profile (722 Gems) 2018-01-25

The demo is great! I will help you soon also on your campaing! this game can be amazing! 5/5

Luis (8439 Gems) 2018-01-22

Looks really cool, would be a great mobile game i think.

Freank Profile (3962 Gems) 2018-01-18

but... wait! it's made with Construct2! Can you upload the html5 version?

Popsan Angel (3320 Gems) 2018-01-18

ogm it's fantastic, nice platform with a very anime style

Fry2 Profile (2850 Gems) 2018-01-17

This looks great!!

Fellowplayer Profile (21602 Gems) 2018-01-17

I like the humour in that I am smashing things apart with a hammer that has a heart on it :P

Naldo (927 Gems) 2018-01-17

very cute platform! But add screenshots and change the engine used, i'm not so sure that it was made with 3d adventure studio ahahahah

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