Orange Adventure

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Orange Adventure is the trip of Orange, a orange juice, to rescue his friends and recover the oranges stolen by Dr. Squeezer robots. Its a tribute platformer to the classics SNES and MEGADRIVE games.
It's avaiable on #STEAM at:
भाषा: English   Espanol   Portugues  
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We are giving away 50 STEAM keys! More info here:
Orange Adventure
Orange Adventure
Orange Adventure
Orange Adventure
Orange Adventure
Orange Adventure
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geod_3 (Level 10) 2016-10-09
News about it?
IndioGames (Level 4) 2016-08-25
The game is finished with full controller support.
It's available on STEAM at:
Marius (Level 14) 2016-08-25
Nice ! But not so different from other platform. I like the style, it remembers me an old game of donkey kong. But... i don't know... there aren't new features to break the monotony....
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