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Ole Bunny

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Will be your bunny the best matador of all time?
The smell of roses is beautiful and bunny knows that. But because of the roses, he is in the arena, where bullfighting is taking place. Take courage, avoid a crazy bulls and help the bunny to collect as many roses as possible. Show your skills and become the best matador of all time.
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Ole Bunny
Ole Bunny
Ole Bunny
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mariocassano (Level 19) 2020-10-27
sekip (Level 6) 2018-11-30
Hello, winter and Christmas are coming, so I made Christmas version for Ole Bunny. Hope you like it! :)
sekip (Level 6) 2018-10-27
Hi guys,
I change visuals of Ole Bunny for Halloween, hope you will like it and you will try it. Do not miss this version, because it is time limited :)
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