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Oatboy vs. Slime Mold

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Pc white डाउनलोड करें
Pc white डाउनलोड करें
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Oatboy vs. Slime Mold is a fast-paced action game with original game play that would fit in with Late-70's/Early-80's Arcade games. You take the place of a sentient, mobile, Oat; and you have to keep away from a Slime Mold that, due to some sort of scientific experiment, is really fast.The Left download is Spanish | The Right download is English #ASCII, #Text, #Retro
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Oatboy vs. Slime Mold
Oatboy vs. Slime Mold
Oatboy vs. Slime Mold
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Jonathan Fish (Level 16) 2016-08-14
This is a perfect game to see in watch dog 2... Where the gamers play with the 8bit game :)))
TheController (Level 9) 2016-06-08
i don't like this game... but the idea to use the ascii is nice :)
PlazaMista (Level 8) 2016-06-06
me gusta ! :D
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