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को प्रकाशित: 01/11/2017



Nirvana Pilot Yume is the cure for your ‘80s nostalgia, mixing Skyroads-inspired space races with an anime style Visual Novel and a killer synthwave soundtrack. In a tale of eros and redemption, the player must win back his place among the best pilots of Alba Proxima and find the love he lost.
Turn on the neon light: you are at home.
भाषा: English  
खबरे: 1
**60% limited discount on Steam + Mac version + Italian localization** Hey Nirvana Pilots, how's it going? We have a big news for you today: the complete version of Nirvana Pilot Yume is currently on sale on Steam (60% discount) supporting Windows and Mac! Also our Italian players will be happy to find that the game has been localized, including achievements! Grab your...
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Nirvana Pilot Yume Demo
Nirvana Pilot Yume Demo
Nirvana Pilot Yume Demo
Nirvana Pilot Yume Demo
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gamefive सत्यापित (Level 16) 2021-12-08
It was hard to play the game. It is difficult to understand what game this game is about only by controlling spacecraft.
Domiz (Level 5) 2021-06-17
very fast to play online. the lowpoly style is very good mixed with anime elements. The plot is not so good. I think you can improve it to make it more attractive
Decelo (Level 11) 2021-06-13
Between a retrogame and a sci-fi work!
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