Naomi - The Cursed Couple

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Rpg Maker 2003

It's the same game that has been available in the past. Tells the story of Aimi, a japanese life insurance saleswoman in the 90s going into a cursed house. People say that no one can survive the curse. Can Aimi survive? The game suffered tiny modifications(in storytelling).
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Guys, I have a little problem with the English language. I am self-taught in languages when I make my games in English, it is because I want everyone to play them. There will be some errors, please forgive me. I believe that even with some language mistakes, it is possible to understand the game and play it. I have no one to help me with this. The game is open source. Anyone...
Naomi - The Cursed Couple
Naomi - The Cursed Couple
Naomi - The Cursed Couple
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Fellowplayer Profile (23624 Gems) 2018-11-06

Im going with the horror theme idea.

CapZero88 (2907 Gems) 2018-10-31

horror or thriller?

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