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Astro_Boy (583 Gems) 2019-03-10

only 10 downloads?! it's creazy! this is a very good platform! yes, the assets are not the BEST, but the design is very cool

indiexpo Addons (2761 Gems) 2019-03-10

You can find this game also on our new extension/ #addon on your own Browser.

Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/free-games/gechcfjojodafcpggkekfkkfpjacenno

Opera: https://addons.opera.com/it/extensions/details/free-games-2/

Click and Play!

Boruto (605 Gems) 2019-02-09

it's a classic platform with puzzle elements, but with a great design. I follow

Luis (8746 Gems) 2019-01-31

very easy and fast to play. You have to select it as Platform, no as browser game. Please, update it soon! I follow this page!

TyrionL (3566 Gems) 2019-01-30

omg it's fantastic. You should add in the top-right the room number. so I can tell you where I was blocked XD (the level with the blue bars). ps. the indiepad didn't work

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