Masked Puzzles Pro (Demo)

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Demo of my New Game Masked Puzzles... A Fun and Addicting Game of Puzzles. Easy Medium and Hard Puzzles available. 27 Different Puzzles to choose from in Four Categories. Nature, Space, Hard, and Crazy!
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If you like the Demo, Please consider purchasing the Pro version! For just 2 Dollars you get 27 Puzzles and 3 Difficulty Settings for a perfect game experience!
Masked Puzzles Pro (Demo)
Masked Puzzles Pro (Demo)
Masked Puzzles Pro (Demo)
Masked Puzzles Pro (Demo)
Masked Puzzles Pro (Demo)
Masked Puzzles Pro (Demo)
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the ugly truth (Level 11) 2017-03-29
Hi. I played it... My 2 cents: you added, like first screenshot, a black and white face... A little bit creepy. It's a game with strong colours and "happy" like a cartoon. Why this first screenshot? The second (and least) tip is: make it responsive. It's very hard to play it on a small display. And one bug: i used the touch screen and the sounds stopped. 2/5
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