Madness Fantasy

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Five friends leave for a crazy weekend, but end up arrested. Now they will be forced by police to infiltrate a dangerous criminal organization and take on crazy missions. Will you succeed in take them out of this mess?
भाषा: Italiano   English  
खबरे: 4
Demo updated and new trailer up!
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Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
Madness Fantasy
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Han (Level 8) 2019-12-21
Still games with rpg maker 2003?!
Marius (Level 14) 2019-12-15
Welcome back! Good luck it looks good!
franco999 (Level 14) 2019-12-14
Ricordo questo progetto. È qualcosa di molto vecchio che fu fatto dai pionieri di rpgmaker in Italia
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