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Code: Maxime Euziere
Music: Anders Kaare
A big puzzle game and a long journey to find a lossst kid.
Includes 75 puzzles with 3 different mind-bending mechanics, plus a puzzle editor and many bonuses.
All your progress is saved automatically.
It's best played on Windows (or Mac OS) with Chrome.
It's also playable on Android + Chrome (needs a powerful device)
भाषा: English   Francais  
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Boruto (Level 6) 2019-02-09
how did you make it? java?
Freank सत्यापित (Level 18) 2017-09-24
I can't move :( (i'm playing the desktopp version)
RealTidus (Level 13) 2017-09-23
Second position, right? Congratulations
वीडियो LOSSST वीडियो
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