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Livid Meadow

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Livid Meadow is a short, story driven action platformer.
-Progression system based on lose life to gain powerful statistics
-Automatic save system, designed for quick sessions
-Explore the forsaken city and reveal its mysteries
-Compatible with Gamepad
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Livid Meadow
Livid Meadow
Livid Meadow
Livid Meadow
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RealTidus (स्तर 13) 2022-12-29
is it possible to create an online version of this game? Playable on browser
garryblu (स्तर 8) 2022-10-14

YouTube Gameplay
Nice one :)
Best IndieGames (स्तर 18) 2022-10-07
This game is in the video about the Top 2 Best Indie Games of September 2022

YouTube Gameplay
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