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Knightin'+ Demo

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Construct 2

Knightin'+ is a classic Zelda-lite adventure. Explore and fight your way through the dangerous dungeons filled with traps, puzzles and magical artifacts. And, of course, show the evil bosses who is the real boss here. This demo contains only the first dungeon. Full game is available here: #pixelart #zelda
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Update v.1.2 - Level Design and More Localizations Greetings! More than a month passed since the last update. So I had more than enough time to watch lots of videos and streams about Knightin'+. Guess that any game developer likes to watch somebody playing his or her game. Besides having fun, it's a great way to gather feedback. Do you see where this is...
Knightin'+ Demo
Knightin'+ Demo
Knightin'+ Demo
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LesGrossman (1896 Gems) 2019-10-12

Incredibly good. I hope to play soon new games made by you. It can't be your first one

franco999 (1638 Gems) 2019-10-08

About your last news... Are those improvements on this free online version or only on the Steam game?

Fellowplayer Profile (22330 Gems) 2019-09-30

I was recommended this game to me and I am pleased to play and share the video online, good game indeed. YouTuber: Fellowplayer -


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Knightin'+ Demo
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