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Killer Gin Updated!Killer Gin STEAM V26 (0.9.0 Gin Oracle?!) (7/1/20)- Expanded Main RPG Story, an oracle appears!
- Many cutscenes added/updated! (Art and dialogue)
- New Game mechanics and maps
- and Much more
(Massive surprise in the works! Coming soon!)If you are interested in testing the ending send me a message on FB or discord, you need a code to unlock it.~Freddie #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

The Gin hunters are a religious organization who believe that the Gin are the cause of the evil that has befallen the world.Using special gems the Hunters absorb the power of the Gin and use it to carry out the racial extermination of the Gin.Killer Gin Updated!Killer Gin STEAM V24 (0.8.8 A Gin Hunters!) (6/1/20)Added New Gin Hunter Scenes New Infinity Dungeon STEAM achievement added New weather effects/mechanics added Infinity Dungeon updated (Infected buff added to game) #killergin #Indiegame #kickstarter #rpg #voiceacting #steam

I just wanted to say congratulations to Donovan Claymore for winning the Infinite Dungeon Contest! He surpassed everyone by about 30 levels! He truly got some RPG skills.Now the STEAM Achievement will be set to 121 levels which his character will challenge all players to beat within the game. This will be included in the next game update!(Note: This was a singular save file designed to set the record for the infinite dungeon competition. His first play-through of KG is 64 hrs and counting.) #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

Killer Gin has surpassed 2,000+ followers!Thank you so much for your continued support!Very soon the main story line will be complete, the end is in sight!Once all the art is complete for the game, the KG Manga will begin development. I cannot wait to share scenes from the Manga (this will be much darker and grittier than the game).Anyways your continued support means the world to me and I am incredibly thankful and appreciative, you rock!Facebook Link: #killergin #Indiegame #kickstarter #rpg #voiceacting #steam

Killer Gin Updated on STEAM (Old school JRPG)!!Most notable is the inclusion of the "Orc Scene".Orcs are a matriarchal society where women rule with an iron fist. I am sure you can only imagine what is tied to the other end of her chains. In this scene, you will play as one of the males...The pic is edited for your protection. She is not scared to go there. 😜More info in the original post. #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

The final KG INFINITY DUNGEON competition has begun!Starting now, May 13th to May 27th! Discord members only. Feel free to join and invite people to participate.$100 and a STEAM achievement, and become an NPC to challenge STEAM players to beat your record. (Get as deep in the Infinite Dungeon as you can)You have to start over, new save (version 23 and up) Torment 1 difficulty, (Locked normal difficulty) May the best player win!Killer Gin STEAM V23 (0.8.7) (5/12/20)- The Gin Hunters have arrived!!!
- Infinity Dungeon Competition! (Discord members only!)
- Major Music overhaul!
- Cleaned up the UI a bit!
- Fixed various little glitches (food, gin powers, etc).
(This guy thinks HE is gonna win! Prove him wrong! Or at least try to give him a lil challenge lol)PS: He is a KG backer, very confident on the Discord.KG Discord Link: #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

A Killer Gin Milestone has arrived!I've listened to everyone who has been kind enough to provide feedback on KG, thank you so much! "Fat Shaming" has been eliminated. New Intro, new voice lines and MUCH MORE!The intro of the game has been remastered (New lines, new voice acting)!! "Fat Shaming" has been eliminated!Plus the following:Killer Gin STEAM V21 (0.8.5) (5/05/20)- NEW INTRO Voice Acting (Re-write! Love Gordo)
- Game Intro improved
- Infinite dungeon improved (Crazy new mechanics)
- Attachable gems/gem crafting (It’s back!)
- Updated chars/skills/items/enemies/quests/etc.
- Voice acting: 1,300+ recorded lines!!
- And much more!

Check it out!When Sci-Fi and Fantasy RPG's collide!This is Star Shift X Killer Gin!This is a WIP of how Killer Gin will cross into the Star Shift Universe.(Killer Gin will also feature its own version of Killer Gin X Star Shift)
Star Shift STEAM Link: Gin STEAM Link: #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

Killer Gin has received a LARGE update:1) Elemental requirements to kill enemies, no longer exist (except in rare instance). 2) All enemies have received a level cap 3) All armor has seen a large increase in magic resistance 4) Gordo now yells "For Shinata!" for certain skills 5) Gin Hunters are now in the game... 6) And much morePS: Killer Gin is going to receive a totally new original lighting system in about a week or so. This will eliminate the random FPS jitter since the old lighting system to blame (so large performance boost). After the UI will receive a facelift! I am very excited! #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

Killer Gin STEAM Competition! (Win $$) last 3 days left, ends April 20th (Midnight EST).1st place: Win $100 and become an NPC to challenge players to beat your record to earn your STEAM Achievement (named after you).Contest Link: #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

Killer Gin STEAM Competition! (Win $$) 1 week left, ends April 20th (Midnight EST).1st place: Win $100 and become an NPC to challenge players to beat your record to earn your STEAM Achievement (named after you).Contest Link: #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

Killer Gin STEAM V19 (Competition) (0.8.2) (4/11/20)- Heavy modification to Sneaking mechanic
- Continued to streamline KG
- Added more Voice acting!
- Removed more skills and items!
- New updated graphics!
- And more!
For those paying attention! Who ever tells me who Gordo's mom sounds like, gets a free Killer Gin STEAM key! Provide your email and I’ll send you the game key!(Sorry, Voice actors cannot participate!)Thanks! #killergin #Indiegame #rpg #voiceacting #steam #manga #anime

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