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Kasatmata - Chapter 1

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Kasatmata - Chapter 1 begins during the recording of the TV show called "Beda Dunia", a "supernatural-challenge" reality show where the contestant will stay in a "haunted place" for an hour and a half without the lightings except a candle. You're trying to uncover the tricks behind the show, but in the end of the challenge, something is coming up. The TV crew are gone...
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Kasatmata - Chapter 1 Extended v2.20 is out~ Here's the full changelogs for latest version :
Kasatmata - Chapter 1
Kasatmata - Chapter 1
Kasatmata - Chapter 1
Kasatmata - Chapter 1
Kasatmata - Chapter 1
Kasatmata - Chapter 1
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Deusexmachina (Level 7) 2018-08-31
Well made intro. the plot seems promising. Gonna play this game tonight.
BBads (Level 10) 2018-01-05
can you add a direct download ?
Fellowplayer (Level 22) 2018-01-05
It's ben a while since I last played this, how has it come along?
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