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Josie's Tank

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Construct 2

Control and customize Josie's Tank to help the world to break free from the ruling of the Great Empire!
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For those who are interested in buying the complete version, it will be available on Steam in September 18th!! Add it to your wishlist!
Josie's Tank
Josie's Tank
Josie's Tank
Josie's Tank
Josie's Tank
Josie's Tank
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where_is_love (Level 9) 2019-09-08
On Steam? It's hard. The project looks like incomplete. You should improve the graphics and the design. It is still early to be a good game
Gatsu87 (Level 14) 2019-09-04
Soon on Steam? Really? You have to improve the sprites. The backgrounds are ok, but the sprites are ugly.
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