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It Started With A Brick

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The "game" is a simulation of the development of (killing) technology - from ancient stuff (chucking bricks and rocks) to excitingly complex things like guns that fire guns. What you have to do is simply to answer the questions at the start and enjoy the ensuing carnage. The machines get pretty good at taking out entire crowds. Made in 12ish hours for #LDJAM ( #LD36 )
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It Started With A Brick
It Started With A Brick
It Started With A Brick
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Marco Sacchetti (Level 10) 2017-12-08
qual e' il senso di questo gioco?
Ura (Level 8) 2016-09-27
can you add a gameplay about it ?
Staff (Level 13) 2016-08-30
Please, add a direct link to download it. You can add the link to Ludum Dare page in the Website Area.
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