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Shoot em up


*WARNING GAME MIGHT HAVE FEW BUGS* fight a bunch of triangular invaders on a galctic battle right on your phone and save the galaxy. (Please leave a comment rating it from 1 through 10 of how good the game is and how I can make it better, and what you liked.) check my out on Ludum Dare 36,Ancient_Artifact) Controls: drag player green triangle by holding player on left click.
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I am polishing the game and adding shops, changeable fire rates and firemodes. But I was wondering If I should add levels to the game.?
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Zion (3184 Gems) 2017-08-11

it needs a huge work. It's just a base.

RealTidus (2401 Gems) 2017-06-15

It's a good start, but you should add also bonus and malus and improve the GUI

Karma (4169 Gems) 2017-02-23

Are you continuing it?

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