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Inside The Code

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Inside The Code is a puzzle/action game.
Someone has sneaked in your house during the night and placed a bomb in your basement!
Find your way through procedurally generated dungeons and try to survive as long as possible, disarming bombs and fighting your enemies.
Find dozens of powerups and items to complete the levels and go deeper in these endless caves.
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Inside The Code
Inside The Code
Inside The Code
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Luis (Level 17) 2018-01-26
It looks like the blend of Isaac in 3d. But it's not so user friendly. At first I don't understand easily how to play
Draker (Level 2) 2017-05-25
This game is in my top 5! :)
YouTube Gameplay
CUtet92 (Level 7) 2016-09-17
It lags on my pc D: are you doing a light version ?
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