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HCR 0.5.1

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A Futuristic game set in the world of Tommorow.
You race Hover Car Racers at speeds faster than
your own car.
Drive on walls, loop de loops and break the sound
With 18 tracks and 3 driveable cars you'll be having fun for hours.
Remember that the game is only in beta so it will have a few bugs.
Have Fun.
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HCR 0.5.1
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Destroya (Level 7) 2012-10-30
I have tried this game a couple of weeks ago, as InvisibleInk said is just a beta, but trust me you can have fun with it. I wonder how cool can be in the future with better models and sounds.
InvisibleInk (Level 3) 2012-10-29
This is Awesome
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