Flight Quest

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Unreal Engine

Help Dr. Costante recover the artifacts with his hang glider. You will have to try different routes to find the right way. In the Demo there is a stage for two players in split screen and of the campaign the first 6 stages of the over 100 under construction on multiple envir.

| X Gamepad chance view or Key C |

Good luck and leave us feedback. Thanks

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Hi guys, there is a **new version** of Flight Quest for you Environment new lights and colors. Pilot animations added. New hang gliding physics. Hang glider controls improved. Directx 12 removed, 11 is now used only for demo.
Flight Quest
Flight Quest
Flight Quest
Flight Quest
Flight Quest
Flight Quest
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conawa8140 (Level 4) 2020-03-24

You have done a great job, excellent physics. The control even if it is difficult I have the feeling of the weight of the wind. The graphics are beautiful! In the demo the paths are slow,(I understand the control must be understood) but from the video I see some very fast, do you confirm it? how many paths are there? I can't give you 5 stars because I'm new, but you need it.

lucyinthespace (Level 12) 2019-09-15

It looks like a clone of A Gliders Journey. You can find it also here on indiexpo. I saw it in one of the latest videos about the best of

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