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Flappy War

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Flap, Attack, and Survive.
Defeat the invaders. Tap to flap and fire. Kill the enemies and take their power, but be careful this is dangerous. Keep playing and upgrade your weapon. Challenge your friends who can defeat more enemies.
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Flappy War
Flappy War
Flappy War
Flappy War
Flappy War
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No Signal (स्तर 6) 2019-01-19
the idea is also nice, but the game it's not so easy and fast to play. I don't know how to see and what to touch.
Gesan (स्तर 11) 2019-01-13
only for mobile?
Multiverse (स्तर 6) 2019-01-04
i don't like it so much, the elements are very small, not so easy to play on mobile. the idea is nice, but the design should be improved.
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