Ethernalis - Alpha Access Ethernalis - Alpha Access
NSNC Software Studios Ltd
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स्वरूपण मदद 380
Fellowplayer Profile (Level 22) 2018-01-03
That's pretty detailed.
TheBigShow (Level 12) 2017-08-08
Interesting game! it can be a triple A game. But if it's online... why do you not turn it in a browser game? i follow it to see the progress! good luck
the ugly truth (Level 11) 2017-08-07
can you add an offline tutorial? I love the card games, but it's too dark and the font is too small. Sorry, but this is the true
franco999 (Level 11) 2017-08-05
troppo scuro. non si capisce niente
MagicOz (Level 10) 2017-07-31
Why it works only online D:
Freank Profile (Level 14) 2017-07-22
The font is very very small. But can I play it only online? I'm starting to play it but it's not so clear what to do... No tutorial no guides?
Amir (Level 13) 2017-07-21
This alpha is great! Even if the fonts are too small.The roguelike card game is like a new kind of game!
RealTidus (Level 11) 2017-07-20
5/5 amazing
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