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Android white डाउनलोड करें External link

Android white डाउनलोड करें External link

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Hey guys! Its been a long time! Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy has a new update! Now everyone is challenged to clear the game! We lowered the difficulty of the levels so you can still feel challenged and fun at the same time while playing the game. The possibility of clearing the game is a lot higher now!

Thank you for your support!

Update Note: Ver 1.0.5 1. Bug Fixes 2. Reduce Level Difficulty


Updates to fix the control bug already Implemented! We strive to improve your gaming experience with Eggventure :) Let us know if you found any bug in game :) Happy Gaming!


Share your current stage progress here! See who is the fastest to clear the game! #androidmobilegame #victory


Hey guys! Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy is updated! Check out the patch notes :) 1. Button Response Optimization 2. Player Control Optimization 3. Graphics Optimization 4. Level Optimization 5. Ads Free Version Link Added 6. Gameover Optimization

#Eggventure #ChallengingTrapGame

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