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C'est une parodie de windows Xp qui regroupe pleins de mini-jeux. il y a Mario, Pacman, Manhunt, Zelda, RPG maker, 2 pianos, Hang on, Duke nukem, Test your might, Wariohead, Mario kart, un jeu de tir et un lecteur mediacertains jeux ne sont pas fini mais sa ne tardera pas.
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Doncamilows XP
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WolfCorp Profile (Level 6) 2018-12-23
Well. This game was made in RPG Maker and it really shows. It's not a bad thing, but some things just show it relentlessly. It is a valid game as a mean of learning stuff about developing something. Apart from its numerous bugs and crashes, it shows some value in certain minigames, while others are complete pushovers. The best one hands down was the Manhunt minigame, the worst was probably Mario or Mario Kart.
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