Play Cronus' Tomb  (LD 36)

Cronus' Tomb (LD 36)

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My first Ludum Dare Jam game. Made in around 68 hours for #LD 36. The theme was 'Ancient Technology'. Fight your way out of an ancient dungeon hosted by greek mythology-inspired monsters and beasts. - This game is only proof of concept. Controls: Z - dodge X - Stab C - Slice Arrowkeys - Move Enter - Skip Dialogue R - Reset game and data saved for found relics. #LDJAM
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An update should be coming soon, drastically improving combat, adding a better checkpoint system, hopefully more levels to the right of the tomb and more. Thanks again for all the wonderful feedback!
Cronus' Tomb  (LD 36)
Cronus' Tomb  (LD 36)
Cronus' Tomb  (LD 36)
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Luis (8933 Gems) 2018-01-21

Very original concept! Art style + Animations looked amazing. I also like the music for its interesting harmonies

Heromerom (2903 Gems) 2017-01-05

68 hours doing a good job! Congrats.

Mosul (1105 Gems) 2016-12-16

Did you join to the last Ludum dare jam ?

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