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Rpg Maker MV

Something made for my Discord for fun :D. There's no progression, stats, actual gameplay, or anything like that. It's still very early in development (only made this on Nov. 5) and will be updated/replaced nightly or so. Once the main map is done, event maps will be made to go with the events in my Discord. Beware the KatBot. *Still in design phase* Update: 11.10.2019
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Hey all! Figured I'll give an update since I'm working on a map in the background that only Admins can access. Generally speaking, the character picker won't be updated for a bit. I have a few characters that can be picked as it is now but since they don't do anything special, there's no real reason to add more. The only thing there being updated is the sword, which...
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add more screenshots and improve your description!

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