Cannibal Lottery Cannibal Lottery
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Pc white Osx white डाउनलोड करें External link
Pc white Osx white डाउनलोड करें External link


स्वरूपण मदद 380
AngelStarStudio Profile (Level 6) 2020-02-06
Sweet :D
Kira (Level 7) 2019-02-16
finally a good Visual novel!
franco999 (Level 11) 2019-01-24
Bello, ma con le loro abilità artistiche si sarebbe potuto fare di più
Gatsu87 (Level 14) 2019-01-23
artworks and plot amazing. I should improve the UI. but just an idea. I dunno how, but it's too old style.
Stre93 (Level 10) 2019-01-22
Good luck for your KS campaign! I saw several VN made using Renpy. Is there a big community?
TyrionL (Level 13) 2019-01-22
the plot looks interesting. And the artworks are very nice!
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