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Bruce, the escaping ant

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को प्रकाशित: 13/12/2016



Bruce was captured by a kid in his yard. Now he needs to escape.

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Enter to begin the game, Space to jump and E to attack.

Game made in 48hs for 37th Ludum Dare, which theme is "One Room"

This is my entry for Ludum Dare 37: #ludumdare #LDJAM

भाषा: English  
Bruce, the escaping ant
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krustykrasty (Level 3) 2016-12-19

nice, but very difficult. you could spend some more time with level design, in order to give the player a chance to learn progressively how to interact with game's environment..

betterdead (Level 1) 2016-12-19


xX-Grove-Xx (Level 6) 2016-12-19

Short and funny! Nice puzzles! Improve the animation when he dies. It's totally different from the style of the game :P

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