Brella's Run

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Construct 2

Race along the legendary sky city of Victoria as Guardian of Victoria’s (Steam) Brella! This fun mini-game has you jumping, gliding and spinning your way through an endless sky of floating buildings, littered with turrets, pick-ups and score-sucking birds! Up arrow press = Jump Up arrow press&hold = Jump and glide … release Up to drop. Press E = Spin Attack (anytime)
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Brella's Run
Brella's Run
Brella's Run
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TakkenTag (215 Gems) 2016-04-05

You can do it better ...

BigHero (1621 Gems) 2016-04-03

it's made with C2... but... how i can play it ? it should be in HTML5... but there's not an html file to play it...

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