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Blood Brawl

287 खिलाड़ी - 9 सदस्य सदस्य
को प्रकाशित: 30-09-2016



Blood Brawl is a 2-4 player brawler that does not solely rely on your reflex speed. Capture towers to gain strategic advantages. Explore ways of killing your opponents by customizing your hero with powers and artifacts.
There is no online support. Online matches is planned for future updates.
भाषा: English  
खबरे: 2 introduces a new camera, 28 new artifacts, new blood effect and more!
Blood Brawl
Blood Brawl
Blood Brawl
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Fellowplayer (स्तर 23) 2018-01-05
Good amount of graphics used in this game.
Eugor (स्तर 15) 2016-12-26
It lags... D:
geod_3 (स्तर 10) 2016-10-08
add keyboard support please...
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