Black Dog

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Rpg Maker VX ACE

It was their grandfather's birthday and everyone in the family looked happy, but suddenly the two twins are separated by the death of one of them. Her soul is stolen by a demon and a dark curse that popped up in the family from the past. Every choice can change the twins' destiny. Can you save your sister's soul?
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Black Dog
Black Dog
Black Dog
Black Dog
Black Dog
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MrSte (2475 Gems) 2019-03-28

Nice game :)

Gesan (329 Gems) 2019-01-13

it's just a demo. I was totally in the plot. please, continue it

Lusianl Profile (3716 Gems) 2019-01-08

Una bellissima demo. Una grafica da sogno e curatissima! Da non perdere!=D

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