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Pc white Windows phone white डाउनलोड करें

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LIVENEL Nocturnal Skyrift Chapter 1 v1.25 is now available~ Gameplay, Battle System and Tutorial Update!!!

LIVENEL Nocturnal Skyrift Chapter 1 v1.11 is now available~ Battle system update!!!

LIVENEL Nocturnal Skyrift Chapter 1 v1.08 is now available~ A major update for the latest technical demo is finally here~

Technical Demo Update | Q2 May 2021 | Chapter 1 | LIVENEL - Nocturnal Skyrift Demo v1.05 is now available~

LIVENEL - Chapter 1 Demo v0.34 is now available~
Story & Missions
Gameplay & Battle Mechanics
Game UI & HUD
Bugs & Glitches

Hello! LIVENEL Chapter 1 Demo v0.32 is out~ I am a little behind on sharing what I've been up to lately. So to square things up, I'll just tell you about them now. Some changes I've been made (v0.32) :

v0.20 Changelogs :
- Game's file size is compressed to 300MB+
- Added icons and text colors on mantra description
- Added indicator for important objects & npcs
- Added Free Training into TEC Virtual Trainer
- XY Anchor fix for Enemy & Actor SV Battlers
- Chapter 2 - Hellbound opening scene
- Shorter Reminiscene slideshow (Only 1 & 2 during HT installation)
- Reminiscene's text color fix (Sorry, I missed this part on v0.12)
- Hyperion Termina image glitch after Shutdown fix (game breaker)
- Eidart path-blocking fix (game breaker)
- Dialogue updates, map updates, etc

LIVENEL Chapter 1 Demo v0.12 is out~
v0.12 Changelogs :
- Chapter 1 End Scene
- Vargrad Map updates
- Teirra Haven Map updates
- NPC updates
- Character sprite fixes
- Hyperion Termina glitch fixes
- Text Color & Dialogue fixes

v0.11 Changelogs :
- Lucain (invisible) battler fix
- Astral Raid Mode glitch fix
- Recovery Items fix
- Vargrad maps update
- Blue Wyvern maps update
- Naidar scenes update
- Eidart face mirrored
- Elematra particles tutorial added
- Dialogues & Skills description improved

v0.10 Changelogs :
- Character Selection Screen
- Dark Message Window
- Dialouge & Object Interaction update
- Map Tileset & Objects update
- Mantra & Action Sequence update
- Character Picture & Bust update
- New face set for some characters
- CHD Warp Point - Eidart random shout fix
- CHD Warp Point - Freeze fix

UPDATED!!! LIVENEL Discordance Demo v0.03b is out. Changelogs : + missing image (game-breaking) bug fix

LIVENEL Discordance Demo v0.03 is out~
v0.03 Changelogs :
- 3~5 hours demo​.
- 1 of 5 Chapters finished.
- 2 playable characters.
- 40 of 361 Elmspheres finished.
- 6 of 24 main locations finished.
- 16 of 120 enemies finished.
- Main Menu and 90% additional menu can be accessed.
- Minimap, Phone & Hyperion Termina (PC) can be accessed.
- Side Quests & Enemy Data can be accessed.
- Basic Virtual Trainer can be accessed.
Any feedbacks would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)
#livenel #rpgmakermv

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