Arcade Spirits

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Arcade Spirits, a romantic #visualnovel, follows an alternate timeline set in the year 20XX where the 1983 video game crash never occurred. After a turbulent work history, you are granted employment at the Funplex, a popular #arcade, home to a host of unique personalities and customers. Where will this new-found employment take you? Who will you meet and romance along the way?
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Arcade Spirits
Arcade Spirits
Arcade Spirits
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cradth (Level 14) 2020-07-07
Love the visuals and the plot seems interesting. Not a fan of VN, but I guess I should give it a try!
Songoku (Level 10) 2019-05-27
Great visual novel! With this nostalgia period this game is perfect for this time
Best IndieGames (Level 16) 2019-05-05
This game is in the video about the 4 Best FREE Games of April 2019

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