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Aether Crypt

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The creature you control is made out of Aether, a newly discovered atom that can, with enough negative charges collected through electrons, transform itself into an already existing atom or molecule. Find your way out by using your different abilities. Controls are ZQSD/WASD, E and Space on keyboard and D-pad, A and X on gamepad. #LDJAM
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Aether Crypt
Aether Crypt
Aether Crypt
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Jonathan Fish (7709 Gems) 2016-08-14

4/5 only because it's too short. I completed it... it's nice and i hope to play a sequel ! Please, continue it ! It's very cool ! and add more power for the different charas ! :D

Carir (1867 Gems) 2016-06-28

great ! finished ! Continue it ! :D (with more skills)

TheController (1334 Gems) 2016-06-08

nice ! Even if several characters are usefull...

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