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A Night That Wouldn't End

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Point and Click


A NIGHT THAT WOULDN'T END: ENHANCED EDITION - A short point and click adventure game. Far in the North, where nighttime can last for months, a researcher is left alone with his boredom and an important research close to completion. Then, a power shortage gets in the middle.
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I'm really happy to announce the release of A Night That Wouldn't End: Enhanced Edition! After its original release, developed with Adventure Game Studio, I teamed up with my brother to release it again, this time using Unity and Adventure Creator by ICEBOX Studios. We've implemented some graphic updates, trying to deliver a better immersive experience, along with some...
A Night That Wouldn't End
A Night That Wouldn't End
A Night That Wouldn't End
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Sekayo (2797 Gems) 2017-12-03

it's not a real "adventure game". You can't craft the objects. It's very dark and the interactions with several objects is always the same. I don't like it. sorry.

Jonathan Fish (7709 Gems) 2016-08-16

very nice puzzle game. in the first minutes I was blocked... then i see a game play on youtube XD nice style ! good work !

Gianus (1069 Gems) 2016-04-21

It's very dark, but also very nice :D (not so easy...) XD

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